Feb 02

Step by step how to install Windows 7 (All Versions) and Windows 8 (All Versions) from hard Disk

To have clean installation of Windows 7 or 8 from hard drive, you should have ISO image/DVD Copy of windows 7 or 8.

Right Click on My Computer/This PC icon on the desktop or by clicking start button as shown from under given image and from the menu click MANAGE. w71A new Window will appear as shown in the under given image

w72Now from new open window click on Disk Management from the right side list, all the hard drives will appears in the middle.

w73Now from the drives select the drive, where from you can take 4GB space. Here i have only one Drive which C:\ so i right click on it and select shrink Volume from the menu.

w74As I told you before that we need at-least 4 GB for this setup, as soon we click on shrink volume a new window will appear where we can set size of shrink volume.

w75Now we have un-allocated space in disk management panelw76Now select the un-allocated space and right click on it and press New Simple Volume option from menu.w77A small window will appear just like given below, here we assign drive letter for our new partion and click on Next button.

w78Now again a new window will appear here we set name/Volume Label for our partion, I am setting Volume Label Recovery. And at end Click Next Button.

w79Now you will find new drive labeling recovery in disk management, even you can check in my computer.

w711Now we have drive labeling recovery in my computer and now we need Window 7 or Window 8 installation files. Here I am using ISO image and I have mounted in virtual drive. If you have Windows DVD then you simple copy all files and folders and paste the in the newly created partion recovery.

w712Now we need to set the booting path for the recovery partion. Here I am using a software for it. EasyBCD.2.2 its freeware software, you can find the download link at end of this post. Download and install it.

w713w714Now after install you will find above show software window, here you have to click on And New Entry Button.

w715Now from the second Portion ” Portable/External Model” we select the WinPE Tab.w716Now we have to set the Name and path for boot.wim. Here Name box I type recovery and at end I set the path by clicking browse button.
Now click on Add Entry button. w717 w718Its all done now reboot your window you will see the duel boot option.
From the keyboard press down arrow and select the recovery option.


All done.
You will need the under given software for all above working.
Software Required:
Power ISO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dowonload
Window 7 Or 8 ISO image>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Download ( Torrent Link)