Feb 02

Security certificate error

Most of my friends ask about the that they receive ” Security Certificate error when ever they try to web site by using Internet Explorer or other browsers.  Here I am giving  the simple and easy solution for the above error.

In my experience most of the time this error occurred due to change of system time.  So When ever you see under given error this error main cause by the Date and time change.

certificate_error2So you have to set your date and time to current date and time by right clicking the date and time at task-bar.

certificate_error3Now Click on Adjust Date/Time from the menu


Now a new window appear where you can adjust the system date and time.

Now click on Change date and time button a new window will appear

Now click on Month and Year pointed by the arrow months will appears set the month and now again click year again now year will appears

Now set the years

certificate_error5certificate_error6All done now close your browser and re-open the webpage you will not see the error.  Change of Date and Time can be caused by BIOS battery. So if occurred time again after reboot you should change the BIOS battery for permanent solution.