Feb 17

How to Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password

How do I reset my forgotten administrator’s password for Windows (XP, Vista, 7 All Versions, Windows 8 All Versions, Window 2000 Professional, Windows 2003 Server All Versions) , without a password reset disk?

Here is the How to Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password step by step guide how you can reset the forgotten administrator password for All Windows versions.

  • You need a USB drive or CD so that we can prepare bootable.
  • Download windowreset.rar from under given link.
  • Right click and extract all data in to a folder.
  • Now open the extracted folder and double click the Universal USB Installer.exe


  • Click on I Agree Click the Drop down menu and go to an end and select Try Unlisted Linux ISO.un1


  • Now click on Browse and select the ResetwindowsPwd.iso from downloaded and extracted folder and click the open Button.


  • Finally click and select your USB flash drive and click create.


  • Select the Format drive check-box and click the create button.
  • New window appear click yes and wait for 2 to 3 mints to finish the auto setup procedure.
  • At end click Close Button and unplug the USB it’s all done.
  • Now again open the extract folder you will fine Keygen.exe.  Run Keygen and copy/note the both KEY and USER.


  • Now ON your system on which you want to reset the forgotten password.
  • Press F2, F10 or Del as per your systemd for BIOS setup.
  • Change boot priority to USB Drive, so that we can boot it from the bootable USB drivewe have just prepared.  BISO option can be differ system to system and brand to brand but you have to change Boot Sequence from it.  If you have burn CD then you have to select the CD/DVD from the boot sequence.


  • Before resetting the password we need to enter the USER and KEY, so that we registered the software.


  • Click the about button.  A new window will appear now click on Register Button
  • Now enter the UserName and Registration Code we had copied/noted before.
  • All done click OK button and you will see the this under give window again.


  •  Now Select the User name from list the click Reset Button finally reboot it done.
  • Now reboot and click the user it will login without the password.