Mar 22

How to unlock PASSCODE or PATTERN any Android Devices without Losing Data.

How to unlock PASSCODE or PATTERN any Android Devices without Losing Data is as under.

Forgotten your android smart phone pattern or pass code!  Don’t worry it just few clicks away, just follow the under given steps.

First shutdown your device by pressing power on/off button.


There are lots of android operating systems and brand of mobiles now days.  Resetting your android mobile can be different depending your device or mobile brand.  But don’t worry it just simple only change of buttons and it will work.  We use only three buttons for it which are as under.

1          Power ON/OFF + Volume UP

2          Power ON/OFF + Volume Down

3          Power ON/OFF + Volume UP + Volume Down

In this tutorial depending on my android phone and operating system, I am using third one (Power ON/OFF + Volume UP + Volume Down).  Now I will press all button at same time and wait let your phone boot-up.


As soon you see logo goes count three and release the power button by holding Volume UP + Volume Down button make sure that you have press the Volume UP + Volume down button.


Now you will have the above screen, if not try the above steps time and again unless you have the above screen.  You can change buttons and try if you have other model of phone.

Now use Volume up and down for selection.  Here we select Reset to Factory Default from the list and press middle button/ main button on the phone and wait your set will reset to factory default.

Now again using Volume button and selecting reboot button reboot your mobile.

That’s all you have done job, but remember you will lost your contacts apps and pictures because it  just like a new phone.

how to unlock forgotten passcode or pattern any android devices without losing data