Mar 24

How to Confgiure Layer2 interface on ADSL Modem.

Layer2 interface can be used for PPPoe dialup using Ethernet cable

How to use Layer2 interface on ADSL Modem.

Power on ADSL router, we need ADSL Modem IP for the configuration.

Open RUN and type cmd, this command will operun  n the command prompt.


Now in command prompt type ipconfig command press enter.


Scroll down and find the IP Address, Here we will find the ipaddress and default gateway of our system.

Default gateway IP address is your ADSL router IP address. You can also find the modem IP at back of your ADSL router.

Now open your internet explorer and type default gateway IP and press enter.


On next step you will have to enter and user/password of your ADSL router.

Default USER and Password can be found at back of your ADSL Router or where ever company trade market is pasted.userpass

As you press enter, you will be in modem configuration page.

Now we Click advance setup from the left side menu bar.advanceeth

Now click on layer2 interface as soon you lick tow options well appear.

Click on ETH interface and ETH WAN Interface Configuration window will appear.

Here you can choose add, or Remove to configure ETH WAN interfaces.
Allow one ETH as layer 2 wan interface.

ETH WAN Configuration This screen allows you to configure an ETH port .

Select an ETH port you wants to configure, as you know there are 4 ports in the mode.


Now we can add or delete any interface by selecting.

Its done now you can use it for dialup configuration.