May 09

how can i partition the hard disk in my new laptop?

How can i partition the hard disk in my new laptop? Follow the under given step by step guide:

  1. Login with a user who has administrative rights.
  2. Right click on my computer icon on desktop; if you have just opened a box pack laptop then you have to some settings to show up the desktop icons.
    Right click on desktop, a small menu will appear at you screen select Personalize.rightclick
  3. A new window will open now from right side pane select Change Desktop Icon, by clicking on it another window will appear select the default icons you wants to show on desktop. personalize
  4. Now you will see the My computer/This PC Icon as per your operating system.
    Right click on it and select Manage from the appeared menu. properties
  5. Computer Management window will appear, here from right side pane selects Disk Management.
  6. Here you will find the total Hard drives / Partitions your System/Laptop.
  7. In these days News Systems/Laptops are coming with factory installed operating system and they have only partition on it. In that case you will see C drive and Tool partition and recovery partition.  shrink_volume2shrink_volume
  8. Now right click your C partition and select the shrink volume from the shown menu, another window will appears and shows how much volume you can shrink, set volume as per your hard drive and press shrink button. shrink_volume2
  9. Now you will see unallocated space in the disk management window.Right-click an unallocated space on your hard disk, and then click New Simple Volume.
    In the Wizard, click Next.
  10. Type the size of the volume you want to create in megabytes (1000MB=1GB and 100000MB=100GB) or accept the maximum default size, and then click Next.
  11. Accept the default drive letter or choose a different drive letter to so you can identify the partition, and then click Next.
  12. In the Format Partition dialog box, do one of the following:
    o If you don’t want to format the volume right now, click Do not format this volume, and then click Next.
    o To format the volume with the default settings, click Next.
  13. Review your choices, and then click Finish.
  14. I hope that i have answer the question How can i partition the hard disk in my new laptop?