Category: Tutorial

Feb 08

What is an IP address

 What is an IP address? IP Address provide a way to identify machines on a network IP address is a unique identifier on the network you assigned device. IP usage To connect one computer/peripheral to another computer/peripheral, for transferring data to or from another computer or send an e-mail message, you first need to know …

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Feb 05

Cisco 2811 Router on Stick

Cisco  Router on Stick For this tutorial, I am using the under given hardware. Cisco Router 2811 Cisco Switch 2960 Two PCs (PC0, PC1) Setp-1. We configure PC0 with static IP address and gateway and PC1 with static IP address and gateway Setp-2. Now connect PC0 to port fa0/1 and PC1 …

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Feb 02

Security certificate error

Most of my friends ask about the that they receive ” Security Certificate error when ever they try to web site by using Internet Explorer or other browsers.  Here I am giving  the simple and easy solution for the above error. In my experience most of the time this error occurred due to change of …

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