Category: Networks

Mar 12

CISCO Router Configuration Basic

CISCO Router Configuration Basics: This tutorial will guide you to how we can configure router components, we also learn the basic commands use in router configurations.  We can divide components in to external and internal components.  All CISCO routers have a console port for configuration but a router can be configured through any of under …

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Feb 21

Types of Ethernet Cables

The most used Types of Ethernet cable or twisted-pair cable used in communications is referred to as unshielded twisted-pair (UTP). IBM has also produced a version of twisted-pair cable for its use called shielded twisted-pair (STP). STP cable has a metal foil or braided- mesh covering that encases each pair of insulated conductors. Although metal …

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Feb 08

What is an IP address

 What is an IP address? IP Address provide a way to identify machines on a network IP address is a unique identifier on the network you assigned device. IP usage To connect one computer/peripheral to another computer/peripheral, for transferring data to or from another computer or send an e-mail message, you first need to know …

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