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May 09

how can i partition the hard disk in my new laptop?

How can i partition the hard disk in my new laptop? Follow the under given step by step guide: Login with a user who has administrative rights. Right click on my computer icon on desktop; if you have just opened a box pack laptop then you have to some settings to show up the desktop …

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Mar 25

Successful Software Development

Successful Software Development book includes over 200 figures, process diagrams, and annotated outlines—all designed to help you understand and implement better processes quickly and with less resistance. You can Download PDF copy of this good from under given link Download   110

Mar 24

How to Confgiure Layer2 interface on ADSL Modem.

Layer2 interface can be used for PPPoe dialup using Ethernet cable How to use Layer2 interface on ADSL Modem. Power on ADSL router, we need ADSL Modem IP for the configuration. Open RUN and type cmd, this command will ope  n the command prompt. Now in command prompt type ipconfig command press enter. Scroll down and …

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