Jun 05

Attendance Template designed for electronic attendance

Attendance Template designed for electronic attendance
(See video for help)
Landscape A4
Max Lectures: 35
Max Students: 30
Portrait A4
Max Lectures: 22
Max Students: 46

Attendance Value can be
A = Absent
L = Leave
P = Present

Total Lectures are calculated automatically (If there is an event you can
mention, it will not be counted to total lectures)
Student Leave, Present and Absent Auto calculated
Percentage of student attendance is calculated as per formula
(Total Presents)/(Total Lectures – Total Leaves taken)

Cells are formatted with background light red means student attendance is less than 75%, with light green background represent the highest
attendance percent.
click to download (https://www.dropbox.com/s/kqe6xv3crmc56ef/attendance.zip…)

May 30

BitDefender Free Edition 2015

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May 30

Introduction to Econometrics


Introduction to Econometrics is one of the best book on above mention topic, you can download it third edition copy from under given link.